Office of Finance and Administration

Princeton University Library Travel

Library staff members travel in order to help fulfill the mission of the library and carry out its basic work; to develop their professional skills; or to explore new areas of interest that will have benefit to the individual and to the library.  All travel by library staff will be defined by the traveler's AUL/DUL as (1) business, (2) professional development, or (3) discretionary travel -- the definitions of which are described here. It is also possible for a single trip to be assigned a combination of categories. See the notes below for additional clarifications.  Only professional library staff are eligible for professional development travel. Discretionary travel is available only to professional library staff who report through the Dean of the Faculty. Librarians building a portfolio for promotion or continuing appointment will be considered for additional support. Librarians who are not currently professionally active and who have fewer than five years career experience are eligible for one fully-funded travel award in a given fiscal year. 

Every traveler is expected to be familiar with the University Travel Policy prior to requesting and booking a trip. Travelers should make every effort to find the most reasonable and cost effective means of travel using University resources wisely.  Travelers should neither gain nor lose personal funds as a result of business travel on behalf of Princeton University.  Travelers approved for professional development or discretionary trips will, however, be expected to assume some of the expenses incurred.  All library travelers should use University contracted travel suppliers, credit card, and booking and expense management tools whenever possible.

Please consider videoconferencing or web conferencing as an alternative to travel. The library provides a variety of options including desktop videoconferencing and videoconference rooms.  For more information on video and web conferencing, including available locations and instructions, please contact lsupport.

All travel related expenses must be substantiated and submitted for approval within 30 days after the expense is incurred. After 60 days any reimbursement will be reported to the IRS as taxable income.

The University is a non-profit 501(c)(3) institution, and as such is exempt from tax on most domestic purchases. However, tax exemptions vary by state and by type of good or service purchased. University travelers must make every reasonable effort to ensure that tax is not paid. For more information on tax exemptions, including a list of exemption certificates by state, see: Sales Tax Exemptions.