Transcriptive overture: among my souvenirs (Leslie and Nicholls)

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New York, NY
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"Synopsis: This Overture is based on the song "AMONG MY SOUVENIRS." The melody is used as the leading motive and is developed in the interpretive moods of famous composers. After the introduction at B, the theme is first introduced. Immediately after C, the Richard Strauss mood appears. At D, the Mozart mood is given. At E, the Beethoven mood in sonata form is introduced, which from F to G may be rendered as a Piano solo (in concert jazz bands only). At G the Tschaikowsky mood appears. At H Johann Strauss, and at J Richard Wagner. At L, a "Black Bottom" version is given, which is followed by the Finale. Playing time, 7 minutes." printed below title on piano and first violin parts.