Traveling Around Princeton

Getting to Princeton

Princeton is roughly equidistant from New York and Philadelphia, located near four international airports. The Newark Airport is the most convenient for getting to Princeton via public transportation. There is an airport shuttle that goes to the the Newark NJ Transit Train Station. From there take the Northeast Corridor to Princeton Junction and take the Princeton Shuttle, also known as the "Dinky," to get to the university campus. At the ticket machine, select Princeton as the destination instead of Princeton Junction.

An Uber from the regional Trenton airport costs about $20.

For those who are driving, the University has free (daytime) public parking.

Overnight parking is available for a fee on Hulfish/Chamber street near Palmer Square in town.

Navigating Princeton

Below is a map marking places of interest in Princeton, including hotels, bars, parking, and the Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building, where the summit will be held.