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Clip Capture

The Video Services facility provides the ability to create a short video clip for the sole purpose of using it as course material.  This service is for capturing clips (short segments) only, not for capturing or copying entire films.

There are many benefits to incorporating video into course material. A video clip can enhance a presentation or lecture by inserting only the pertinent segment of the film as it relates to the topic of discussion.   According to the National Teacher Training Institute "Instructors who use instructional video report that their students retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning".  In some classrooms, DVD or VHS equipment is not available, therefore, storing a video clip on a flash drive or computer hard drive is the only option for playback.

The Video Services facility has four-iMac clipping stations configured to capture clips from either DVD or VHS tapes. Both the DVD and VHS players are region-free allowing you to capture a clip produced in any region.

Creating a video clip is fast and easy.  You can save your clip to either a flash drive or DVD (provided by you), email it to yourself or upload it to cloud storage. The staff at Video Services can assist you in creating your clip, no appointment is necessary.

Still Images

A still image can be created from a portion of clip and inserted into your presentation or document.  Our staff can help you create your image.

             Original video clip                                                        Still image

Be aware of copyright rules: unauthorized electronic duplication of all copyrighted materials is prohibited. 

For more information on copyright regulations visit our copyright site.