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Tiger Paw-LanguagesThis page is a courtesy to those patrons who visited the Humanities Resource Center prior to its move to Firestone library.  Certain language materials that were available in the HRC are now available through the library ReCap system and my be picked up at the Firestone Circulation desk.

Rosetta Stone

Princeton University Library provides Rosetta Stone to all Princeton students, faculty, and staff. Our subscription includes 30 languages, with up to five levels for advanced learning. Register with an email address and access Rosetta Stone on a computer or any mobile device, on- or off-campus.

Language CD's

Language learning software designed to support independent language study can be requested through the catalog and can be picked up at the Firestone circulation desk. A large selection of instructional material is available by searching the library main catalog. The appropriate viewing technology is also at Video Services. The library provides audio materials that can circulate and be checked out by the Princeton University community.

Language CD's are stored at our Recap facility and can be requested through the online catalog.

Materials available for circulation

The library provides some language-learning materials for circulation, including the popular Michel Thomas Method, Pimsleur, Berlitz, and Assimil language programs.


Books and CDs that focus on learning whole sentences or an organic acquisition of grammar and features side-by-side language and translation.

Chinese With Ease (CD 14)
French With Ease (CD 21)
German With Ease (CD 40)
Italian With Ease (CD 13)
Japanese With Ease (CD 41)

Michel Thomas

Audio materials that feature a teacher, usually Michel Thomas, teaching sentence structures to two students, leveraging mnemonics and cognates.

Speak Arabic for Beginners (CD 26)
Speak Dutch Getting started kit (CD 25)
Michel Thomas Method Total French (CD 39)
Speak German for beginners (CD 3)
Speak Italian for beginners (CD 15)
Speak Japanese for Beginners (CD 6)
Speak Mandarin Chinese for beginners (CD 16)
Speak Portuguese for beginners (CD 4)
Speak Russian for beginners (CD 5)
Speak Spanish for beginners (CD 22)
Speak Spanish Language Booster (CD 2)


All-audio materials containing lessons in which the listener is asked to recall previously learned material at increasingly longer intervals. These materials are good for giving you a quick introduction to the sound of a language and to  very basic sentences.

Conversational Czech (CD 31)
Conversational Danish (CD 29)
Conversational French (CD 30)
Conversational Hebrew (CD 24)
Conversational Hindi (CD 17)
Conversational Hungarian (CD 32)
Conversational Irish (CD 18)
Conversational Italian (CD 8)
Conversational Japanese (CD 7)
Conversational Korean (CD 9)
Conversational Modern Greek (CD 11)
Conversational Polish (CD 28)
Conversational Brazilian Portuguese (CD 12)
Conversational Spanish (CD 27)
Conversational Swedish (CD 19)
Conversational Thai (CD 10)
Conversational Turkish (CD 23)
Conversational Urdu (CD 38)
Conversational Vietnamese (CD 20)
Mandarin Chinese I (CD 48)
Swedish I (CD 49)

Berlitz phase books

Cover basic phrases and sentence structures related to common travel situations. Audio CDs are also included.

German phrase book & CD (CD 35)
Italian phrase book & CD (CD 37)
Japanese phrase book & CD (CD 36)
Spanish phrase book & CD (CD 33)
Russian phrase book & CD (CD 34)

Oxford's Take Off in... Series

Cover basic phrases and sentence structures related to common travel and everyday situations. Audio CDs, a dictionary and phrasebook, and activity book are included.

Take Off In French (CD 43)
Take Off in German (CD 46)
Take Off In Russian (CD 45)
Take Off In Spanish (CD 44)

Mastering Chinese by Catherine Hua Xiang

Cover basic phrases and sentence structures related to common travel and everyday situations in Chinese. Also covers writing in Chinese script. Audio CDs and activity book are included.

Mastering Chinese (CD 47)

Savoir dire : cours de phonétique et de prononciation by Diane M. Dansereau

Cover basic phrases and sentence structures related to common travel and everyday situations in French. Audio CDs and book are included.

Savoir dire : cours de phonétique et de prononciation (CD 42)