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Searching for a film can be done in four ways: by Title, Author/Director, Call Number or Language.  Begin each search by using the Keyword dropdown box.Keyword box

Search by Title:  If you know the exact title of the film, select "Title."  If you only know part of the title, select "Keyword."  Under "Format," select "Video/Projected Medium."  Enter the name of the film in the search box.  Your search will list all the films owned by Princeton University with the title you requested.

Search by Author/Director:  Select "Author" from the drop down box.  Enter the last name of the director followed by the first name, i.e. Cameron, James.  Under "Format" select "Video/Projected Medium."  The Main Catalog search will show the collection of films that the Library owns for director James Cameron.

Search by Call Number: Under "Format" select "Video/Projected Medium."  In the drop-down box select "Call Number."  Type in the call number and click on the search box.  The search will return the call number entry for the film you requested along with the call numbers before and after the specified number.  Click on the specific call number that is highlighted in blue.  (Note: there are other libraries that use the same numbering system as Firestone for films, i.e. Mendel.  Therefore, there may be more than one DVD with the same call number.  This will be identified by the title of the film and location.)

Search by Language:  Leave the "Keyword" search box empty.  Under "Format" select "Video/Projected Medium".  Under the "Video/Projected Medium" category you will see another category, Language." Click on the dropdown arrow and the list of languages will appear.  Click on the desired language.  To find a specific title: In the search box type in the title of the film you are looking for.  To find all the films owned by the library in a specific language, don't type in a title, leave the search box empty and all the films in that language will appear.

For step-by-step instructions click on Search Videos in the Main Catalog.pdf