Le Bain de Diane en bas-reliefs

Translated Print Title: 
[The Bath of Diana in Bas-Relief]
Series/Book Title: 
Recueil des figures, groupes, termes, fontaines, vases et autres ornements … dans le Château et Parc de Versailles
Paris: S. Thomassin

Not far from the Grotto and its “baths of Apollo,” a richly decorated basin (still in situ) was said to depict the bathing nymphs of Diana, Apollo’s sister. Its central element is a lead relief, 20 feet wide, sculpted by François Girardon in 1668–1671. When the fountains are playing, the nude nymphs are veiled by a curtain of water cascading from above.

This print shows the relief in reverse. It is part of a modest but useful volume in which Simon Thomassin, with royal permission, reproduced the entire Versailles statuary, documenting more than 200 sculptures. His collection was copied in full in Dutch and German editions.

Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology.