Vue du Trianon de Versailles

Translated Print Title: 
[View of the Trianon at Versailles]
ca. 1680

Contemporary with the adjacent view, this print shows the eastern (court) façade of the first Trianon. The house was nicknamed “Porcelain Trianon” because its interior was decorated with blue and white Delft earthenware. In addition, the roofs were covered with polychrome tiles, urns, and sculptures, giving the ensemble an exotic, pseudo-Chinese appearance. The enchanting effect was further enhanced by the expansive parterres filled with fragrant flowers.

Many topographical views such as these were produced by Gabriel Pérelle (1604–1677) and his sons, including Nicolas (ca. 1631–1692) and Adam (1638–1695). Less precise and accurate than the engravings commissioned and distributed by the crown, the Pérelle prints were widely sold and copied, both in France and abroad.

Graphic Arts Collection. Purchased with funds provided by the David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Project.