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ELSSLER, FANNY, 1810-1884, Austrian dancer.
4 29 In "The Shadow Dance". 
Two colored lithographs; 23.7cm. x 32.5cm. 
Engr. by N. Currier. 
Pub. by N. Currier, 1846.
4 30 In dressing room. 
Lithograph; 55 x 43 cm. 
Engr. by H. Kohler after H. Inman. 
Pub. by J.B. Kuhn, 1845.
4 31 Le Delire D'un Peintre, with Mons. Perrot. 
Wood engraving, hand colored; 13.3 x 18cm. 
Newsprint; August 12, 1843.
4 32 In La Tarentule
Colored lithograph; 38.5 x 27.3cm. 
Printed by W. Kohler after J. Bouvier. 
Pub. by T. McLean; April 7, 1840.
4 33 In the Pas Styrien, with Mons. Sylvain. 
Lithograph; 32 x 24.2 cm. 
Printed by Thayer after Bufford. 
Pub. by Henry Prentiss, 1840.
4 34 Portrait 
Lithograph, cut-out; 22 x 16.5 cm. 
Engr. by Henry Heidemans after Henry Inman. 
Pub. by Endicott, 1840.
4 35 In The Brigand of Terracina
Colored lithograph; 36 x 27.5 cm. 
Lithographed by Weld Taylor after Weld Taylor. 
Pub. by J. Graf, 1838.
4 37 Portrait. 
Lithograph; 43 x 35 cm. 
Engr. by H. Grevedon after H. Grevedon. 
Pub. by Cattier, 1835.
4 38 In Faust, with Herr Carey 
Etching; 23.5 x 30.5 cm. 
Pub. after J. Surch, n.d.
4 39 In Des Malers Traumbild
Etching; 22.8 x 29.4 cm. 
Engr. by Berndt after Cajetan, n.d.
4 40 As Adda, in La Chatte Metamorphosee en Femme
Etching; 23.7 x 15.5 cm. 
Pub. by Hautecoeur-Martinet, n.d.
4 41 Dancing the Cracovienne, in The Gypsy
Etching; 30.5 x 23.5 cm. 
Engr. by W. Zinke, n.d.
4 42 In costume for The Gypsy
Etching; 23.5 x 15.5 cm. 
Pub. by Martinet, n.d.
4 43 In The Pirates, with Mons. Monjoie. 
Etching; 11.5 x 15 cm. 
4 44 As Mathilde, in The Pirates
Etching; 23.8 x 15.4 cm. 
Engr. by Maleuvre 
Pub. by Martinet, n.d.
4 45 As Lauretta, in La Tarentule
Etching; 23.5 x 15.5 cm. 
Anonymous engraver. 
Pub. by Martinet, n.d
4 46 As Lauretta, in La Tarentule
Etching; 23.5 x 15.5 cm. 
Anonymous engraver. 
Pub. by Martinet, n.d.
4 47 With Therese Elssler. 
Lithograph; 21 x 28 cm. 
Engr. by Cacilie Brandt after Cacilie Brandt. 
Printed by A. Kneisel, n.d.
4 48 Portrait. 
Lithograph; 40.5 x 30.5 cm. 
Engr. by J. Kriehuber. 
Pub. by P. Marchetti, n.d
4 49 In costume, standing astride two continents. 
Lithograph; 31.2 x 23.2 cm. 
Engr. by E. Meyer after E. Meyer. 
Pub. by E. Meyer, n.d.
4 50 Caricature, "Scholz in der Cachucha". 
Etching; 27 x 21 cm. 
Engr. by A. Geiger after Schoeller, n.d.
4 51 As Florinda, dancing La Cachucha, in Le Diable Boiteux.
Colored lithograph; 52 x 33.5 cm. 
Engr. by A. Deveria after A. Deveria. 
Printed by Cattier; Pub. by Goupil & Vibert, n.d.
4 52 As Florinda, dancing La Cachucha, in Le Diable Boiteux
Lithograph; 12.5 x 8 cm. 
Engr. by A. Lacauchie after A. Lacauchie. 
Printed by Rigo Freres, n.d.
4 53 As Florinda, dancing La Cachucha, in Le Diable Boiteux
Hand-tinted postcard; 15 x 10.3 cm. 
4 54 As Florinda, dancing La Cachucha, in Le Diable Bioteux
Etching; 25.3 x 18 cm. 
Engr. by A. Geiger, n.d.
8 132 "Les Trois Graces", with Grisi (misidentified as Miss Cerrito), and Taglioni. 
Colored lithograph; 48.5 x 38.2 cm. 
Pub. by Lemercier, n.d.
10 184 Four portraits, with Taglioni and two other dancers, pink tints. 
Colored lithograph; 22.7 x 16.4 cm. 
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