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8 137 Aelia et Mysis.
Scene at The Grand Opera, Paris. 
Wood engraving, hand colored; 25 x 32.4 cm. (in mat). 
Newsprint, n.d.
8 138 Electra, or the Lost Pleiad.
Last scene at Her Majesty's Theatre. 
Wood engraving, hand colored; 19.8 x 24.5 cm. 
Engr. by Smyth. 
Newsprint, 1849.
8 139 Fanchette.
Scene of "The Shadow Dance", at The Lyceum Theatre. 
Wood engraving, hand colored; 31 x 26.8 cm. (in mat). 
Engr. by D.H. Friston. 
Newsprint; October 7, 1871.
8 140 Une Etoille.
Scene at The Royal Italian Opera. 
Wood engraving, hand colored; 23.4 x 31.5 cm. (in mat). 
Engr. by Smyth. 
Newsprint, n.d.
9 154 "Le Foyer de l'Opera". 
Colored lithograph; 22.7 x 28.2 cm.
Engr. after J. Champagne. 
Pub. by Becquet freres, n.d.
9 160 "Scene aus dem Kobold".
Etching; 22.2 x 29.4 cm. 
Engr. by A. Geiger after Schoeller, n.d.
9 161 Vignette from a ballet. 
Etching; 16.7 x 12.2 cm. 
Engr. [by Gaig] after Kennerley, n.d.
9 162 "Success". 
Colored lithograph; 25.6 x 34.6 cm. 
Engr. by Th. Guerin after Th. Guerin. 
Pub. by Gambart & Co., n.d.
9 163 "Une repetition de ballet de l'Opera". 
Lithograph; 15.4 x 18.2 cm. 
9 165 "Maquarri dance, in the lower district of Pomeroon". 
Etching; 12.5 x 21.5 cm. 
9 166 "La Danse des Roses". 
Colored lithograph; 34.7 x 26.7 cm. 
Pub. by Lee & Walker, n.d.
9 167 "The Phantom Dances Quadrille". 
Colored lithograph; 35 x 25.2 cm. 
Engr. by J. Brandard after J. Brandard, n.d.
9 168 Ballroom scene. 
Etching; 25.8 x 41.3 cm. 
9 170 "Bal", ballerinas in flower costumes. 
Etching; 26 x 17.7 cm. 
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