French, fifteenth century
Blind-tooled calfskin binding on a French incunable.
Author: Nider, Johannes, ca. 1380-1438
Title: Praeceptorium divinae legis.
Published: Paris: Ulrich Gering, 1478.
Location: Scheide Library (WHS)
Call number: Scheide 5.1.1
Spine height: 21 cm

French, sixteenth century
The original binding on many books in the sixteenth century was probably a laced parchment case like this example on an edition from Lyons printer Antonius Gryphius.
Author: Costanus, Antonius Guibertus, 16th cent.
Title: De sponsalibus & matrimoniis commentarius.
Published: Lyons: Antonius Gryphius, 1578.
Location: Rare Books: Gryphius Collection(GRY)
Call number: GRY 578.01
Spine height: 17 cm

French, sixteenth century
At a bit more expense the buyer could have a binding of calfskin over pasteboards with some gold and blind tooling.
Author: Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536
Title: [Apophthegmata].
Published: Lyons: Sebastianus Gryphius, 1555.
Location: Rare Books: Gryphius Collection(GRY)
Call number: GRY 555.07
Spine height: 12 cm

French, sixteenth century
A simple centerpiece stamp on a sixteenth-century calfskin binding.
Author: Charron, Pierre, 1541-1603
Title: De la sagesse.
Published: Bourdeax: Simon Millanges, 1601.
Location: Rare Books (Ex)
Call number: 6123.25.328.11
Spine height: 17 cm

French, fifteenth century
A printed book of hours from Paris, 1498, in contemporary goatskin with large corner- and centerpiece block stamping.
Author: Catholic Church
Title: Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae ad usum Romanum.
Published: Paris: Philippe Pigouchet for Simon Vostre, 1498.
Location: Rare Books: Grenville Kane Collection (ExKa)
Call number: Incunabula 1498 Horae
Spine height: 22 cm

French, seventeenth century
Seventeenth-century fanfare binding.
Author: Catholic Church
Title: L'office de la Vierge Marie.
Published: Paris: C. Huré, 1621.
Location: Rare Books (Ex)
Call number: 5942.2484.1621
Spine height: 19 cm

French, seventeenth century
Brown goatskin with an armorial stamp set within a diaper pattern of fleurs-de-lys.
Author: Horace
Title: [Works. 1611].
Published: Leiden, Netherlands: Ex officina Plantiniana Raphelengii, 1611.
Location: Rare Books: Robert Patterson Collection (PTT)
Call number: 2865.1611
Spine height: 25.5 cm

French, seventeenth century
An early seventeenth-century fanfare binding with the initials of James I of England and his coat of arms.
Author: Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621
Title: [Disputationes].
Edition: Editio ultima.
Published: Ingolstadt, Germany: Adam Sartarius, 1601
Location: Rare Books (Ex)
Call number: Oversize 5728.162q
Spine height: 36 cm

French, nineteeth century.
Red goatskin binding with pointillé tooling by Pouget.
Author: Amman, Jost, 1539-1591
Title: Gynaeceum, sive, Theatrum mvlierum.
Published: Frankfurt am Main: Sigmund Feyrabend, 1586
Location: Rare Books (Ex)
Call number: GT513 .A51
Spine height: 20 cm

French, eighteenth century
Green morocco binding by J. A. Derome.
Author: Virgil
Title: P. Virgilii Maronis Opera.
Published: Leiden, Netherlands: Elzevir, 1636.
Location: Rare Books (Ex)
Call number: 2945.1636
Spine height: 14 cm

French, nineteenth century
Binding by Petrus Ruban with silver and gold tooling, 1896.
Author: Voltaire, 1694-1778
Title: Zadig, ou, La destinée.
Published: Paris: Imprimé pour les amis des livres par Chamerot et Renouard, 1893.
Location: Rare Books (Ex)
Call number: Oversize PQ2082 .Z3 1893q
Spine height: 28 cm