Globe 11

      "Replogle 12 Inch Diameter Globe World Ocean Series" ([Chicago:] Replogle Globes; [1979]), 12 in. diameter, 32.5 in. high, LeRoy M. Tolman cartographer, with meridian full ring attached to metal half-ring, mounted on wooden column rising from round, brown metal base

Globe 11: "Coated paper relief gores over pasteboard, time dial at North Pole. Oceans finished in pale green with darker green accents showing all physical features of the ocean floor. Notes locate all undersea slopes, fractures, ridges, rises, gaps and sounding depths. Shows International Date Line, tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and a few nautical distances. Stamped steel goldtoned full ring meridian articulated to conforming ferule, raised on turned wood shaft above bronzed conical base. Shows extensive political features including the brief Central African Empire designation." --from internet description at