Globe 15

"A New Globe of the Earth"

Globe 15: Nicholas Lane (fl. 1775-1783) pocket globe: 1) terrestrial globe, “A New Globe of the Earth,” 1776 but updated after 1779 (Cook's death), 8.5 cm. diameter (in case), 7.0 cm. diameter sphere, 12 full gores from north to south equatorial poles, copperplate engraved, handcolored, mounted on two hemispheres of papier mâché, varnished, metal pivot at both poles; shows both Cook and Anson’s tracks, and “Owhyee / Here c. Cook was Kill’d.”  2) celestial globe, two concave hemispheres, serving as the case, made of wood covered with black embossed paper, joined at the equator by a brass hinge and two brass hook-and-eye fastenings, with two notches in the red painted rim; two sets of 12 half gores, clipped at a declination of 70°, with two polar calottes.