“Boats in a Swell Amongst Ice” (August 24, 1826) [drawn by George Back]

Having arrived abreast of Point Humphreys, we steered to seaward, for the purpose of avoiding the shallows that extend across Beaufort Bay, intending to direct our course in a line for Mount Conybeare, which was in sight. We were then exposed to a long rolling swell, and we soon afterwards perceived that it had driven the ice upon the reefs at the eastern extremity of the bay, which would have precluded our retreat to the shore in the event of a wind rising. It therefore became necessary to penetrate the pack, and keep by the side of the reefs; but in doing so, the boats were exposed to no little danger of being broken in passing through the narrow channels between the masses of ice which were tossing with the swell, and from which large pieces frequently fell. [Franklin, pp. 169-170.]