“Musk Bull Melville Island” [W. Westall from a sketch by Beechey]

A herd of musk-oxen [2003 view of musk oxen on Victoria Island] being seen at a little distance from the ships, a party was despatched in pursuit; and Messrs. Fisher and Bushnan were fortunate in killing a fine bull, which separated from the rest of the herd, being too unwieldly to make such good way as the others. He was, however, by no means caught by our people in fair chase, for though these animals run with a hobbling sort of canter that makes them appear as if every now and then about to fall, yet the slowest of them can far outstrip a man. In this herd were two calves [closer view of the same musk oxen], much whiter than the rest, the older ones having only the white saddle. In the evening, Serjeant Martin succeeded in killing another bull; these two animals afforded a very welcome supply of fresh meat, the first giving us three hundred and sixty-nine, and the other three hundred and fifty-two pounds of beef . . . [Parry, p. 257.]

During their nearly twelve-month stay on Melville Island, Parry's men obtained by hunting 3,766 pounds of fresh meat.