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Sophronius of Jerusalem and seventh-century heresy

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Sophronius of Jerusalem and seventh-century heresy : The synodical letter and other documents
Uniform Title: 
Synodical letter
Oxford early Christian texts
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New York
Oxford University Press
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xiii, 245

22 cm. pt. 1. Sophronius and his Synodical letter. After Chalcedon : an overview -- Sophist, monk, patriarch -- The context of the Synodical letter -- Content and style of the Synodical letter -- Gender and function of Synodical letters -- pt. 2. The text and its transmission : text and translation. Introduction -- Trinitarian profession of faith -- Christological profession of faith -- Profession of faith in creation -- Councils -- Heresiologies -- Conclusion -- pt. 3. A monoenergist dossier : texts and translations. 1. Cyrus, first letter to Sergius -- Sergius, first letter to Cyrus -- Cyrus, Announcement, pact of union, or Nine articles of faith -- Cyrus, second letter to Sergius -- Sergius, second letter to Cyrus -- Sergius, first letter to Honorius -- Honorius, first letter to Sergius -- Honorius, second letter to Sergius -- Ekthesis of the emperor Heraclius. Includes bibliographical references (p. 218-229) and indexes. introduction, texts, translations, and commentary, Pauline Allen.

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