Capping Liberty

The Invention of Numismatic Iconography for the New American Republic

About the Exhibition

The Princeton University Numismatic Collection was begun in 1849, making it the oldest continuously curated numismatic collection in the United States. The contents of the collection (estimated at 100,000 pieces) are being catalogued in an online database with pictures of all pieces searchable.

  • Information on past exhibitions and their publications is also available.
  • This exhibition was curated by Alan M. Stahl, Curator of Numismatics, Princeton University.
  • The photography of books, manuscripts, and graphic arts was done by John Blazejewski. The photography of coins, medals and paper money was done by Mary Balzer '13, Laura Eckhardt 14, Paige Hupy '14, Emily Kirkegaard '12, Oren Lurie '13,  Shasanka Pradhan '12, Pujan Mani Rai 14, and Mary Thierry '12.
  • The onsite exhibition was designed and installed by John Walako.
  • This website was created by Pujan Mani Rai '14, Antonio Barrera and Kevin Reiss of Princeton University Library.