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When a book of Psalms or Gospels is published as a Biblical book, it would simply contain the Biblical text (or a selection), and its purpose would be to provide the sacred text for reading or study. In the case of the Psalms, even as a Biblical text, they are inherently liturgical, i.e., they contain brief liturgical directions. Nevertheless, the purpose of the edition in hand would be to provide only the Biblical text. In these cases use the headings
Bible.‡pO.T.‡pPsalms ...


130 0Bible.‡pO.T.‡pPsalms.‡lEnglish.‡f 1996.
24514The Psalms in English /‡cedited by Donald Davie.

130 0Bible.‡pN.T.‡pGospels.‡lEnglish.‡s New International.‡f1987.
24514The Gospels interwoven :‡ba chronological narrative of the life of Jesus interweaving details from the four Gospels in the words of the New International Version of the Bible ...

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