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Cataloging Instructions for Liturgical Texts

Since psalters and evangeliaries were liturgical books, they must be catalogued as such. Their arrangement is liturgical, that is, giving directions for the community's performance of public worship. The relevant rules speak specifically of psalters, but the same rules apply to evangeliaries, since their case is analogous. RI21.39 states:

Enter the work under the heading for the church as a liturgical text if it contains any obvious liturgical element (as when one or more of the following are added to the psalms: canticles, antiphons, liturgical calendar, etc.).


1102 Catholic Church.
24514Psalterium Breviarii Romani cum excerptis e Communi Sanctorum /‡csecundum novam e textibus primigeniis interpretationem Latinam Pii Papć XII auctoritate editum.
730 0 Bible.‡p O.T.‡pPsalms.‡lLatin.‡sPontificio istituto biblico.‡f1947.

1102 Catholic Church.
24010 Psalter (Dominican).‡f1551
24514Psalterium chorale fratru[m] S. D[omi]nici :‡bcum [ver]siculis, [reponsor]iis horarum, an[tiphon]is nocturnalibus, psalmis, hymnisq[ue] omnibus, cantu et litera.

1102 Orthodox Eastern Church.
24010 Psalter.‡lEnglish
24514The Psalter, according to the Seventy, of St. David, the prophet and King :‡b together with the nine odes and an interpretation of how the Psalter should be recited throughout the whole year.

1102 Church of England.
24010 Psalter
24514The Worcester psalter /‡cedited and pointed for chanting by Ivor Atkins ; with notes by S.L. Brown and the editor.

Note how in each instance some indication of the liturgical nature of the publication is provided, either in the subtitle or statement of responsibility. Also note the Biblical uniform title as a related work added entry. Strictly speaking this should be provided since the Biblical text is being presented in the publication.

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