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Internet Resources

Internet resources may be cited in 670 fields as source data for the establishment of a heading, or as a substitute for required reference sources. Sources available on the World Wide Web are becoming more and more prevalent in NACO work.

The formal presentation of the name of a corporate body on the body's own home page (i.e. at a Web site created or sponsored by that body), is tantamount to formal presentation on the chief source of one of the body's own publications. That is, it has special status as a source for the AACR2 heading. Treat any other Web site as a reference source, with respect to the form of name of a corporate body found there.

The following citation is an example of World Wide Web citation, used to justify an earlier-later corporate heading change:

    670 British Oceanographic Data Centre WWW Home page, Sept. 5, 1995‡b(BODC, est. Apr. 1989; developed from the British Oceanographic Data Service (BODS))
The title of the source consists of the name of the sponsoring person or body, plus the phrase "WWW Home page" or "WWW site". Add the date of the search, with the month in letter abbreviations, just as for any other database search. Give the information found, within parentheses after ‡b. Transcribe the name of the person or body being established in subfield b, even if it appears in the title of the source. This is because the title of the source is not necessarily given in precise transcription.

The location in the source is optional. If appropriate, a location can be indicated in the same way as for print resources. Another possibility is to give the heading of a division of a larger Web site, within parentheses before the data cited, e.g.:

    Univ. of Virginia WWW site, Mar. 15, 1998‡b(under English Dept.: [data found])

Citing the URL as the WWW source is discouraged, since it is too prone to change and to errors in transcription.