Barcode Placement: CDs
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Compact Discs (audio AND data files)
  • Remove all shrink wrap and adhesive seals before placing barcodes on items.
  • Place the barcode on upper left corner of rear plastic jewel box cover. *(See below for CDs in scripts running from right to left)
  • If necessary, cover text or pictures.
  • If the CD comes in an envelope or cardboard sleeve, please put it in a jewel case. These are available in the supply cabinet.
  • Completely cover a UPC barcode near where the Princeton barcode must be placed with either a blank, opaque label or with the Princeton barcode itself.  If covering with the Princeton barcode use a blank label first, if necessary, to ensure that no part of the UPC barcode will extend from beneath the Princeton label.
  • If items in a set are to remain in a box supplied by the publisher:

    All locations: Boxed sets should follow the same guidelines as booksets. Meaning each separately cased piece in a box should be barcoded individually. Do not barcode the box. This is so each piece an be circulated on its own.

    Because the packaging of multiple CDs can vary greatly, it is important to keep the following guidelines in mind for these common types of packaging:

    1. CDs in multiple CD case; booklet (supplement) is housed INSIDE the CD case.

    Single barcode is placed on upper left corner of rear plastic jewel box cover. In the Voyager record, pieces count includes the number of CDs PLUS the booklet. For example, if there are 2 CDs in the case plus one booklet, the pieces count is 3. No barcode is affixed to the booklet. This retains current practice (except for calling supplement a booklet—see below).

    2a. Multiple CDs, each in a separate CD case (may be numbered or unnumbered vols. or pts.), with the entire set housed in a slip case (or box), with or without a separate accompanying booklet.

    Follow standard procedure for boxed sets. Each separately cased piece in the box should be individually barcoded. If there is also a booklet in the box, it should individually barcoded as well. Do not barcode the box.

    Note: in some instances, the individually cased CDs in the box may actually contain more than one CD. When this happens, the pieces count is used for this particular item record.

    Note: Mendel’s normal policy is to circulate all the items in a boxed set and not to circulate each piece on its own.

    2b. Multiple CDs (often including a booklet), each in a separate sleeve or other packaging, housed in a closed box. Follow the same procedure as in 2a, affixing an individual barcode to the sleeve holding each individual CD.

    3. Multiple CDs in a jewel case plus a separate booklet (supplement), all housed in a slipcase-type box (i.e., the booklet is NOT inside the CD jewel case).

    Barcode the CD jewel case and count the pieces. Individually barcode the booklet. Do not barcode the slipcase (or box) that holds the jewel case and the booklet.

    Note: this is a common packaging for operas, large choral works, collections of works (Haydn quartets, Beethoven symphonies, etc.).

    Further notes: Mendel will clearly label all CD cases and boxes with number of pieces, booklets (supplements), and other alerts for the circulation staff to correctly count the items before and after they circulate, and before they are charged or discharged.

    Mendel’s preferred terminology for the supplement is “booklet.” Supplement is a vague term, whereas booklet precisely describes what the “supplement” is.

    Also note: individual CDs almost always come with notes in some sort of fold-out form (or even small booklet) slid into the tabs at the front of the jewel case; these also provide the “cover” for the CD. These are NOT counted as a piece. It’s just assumed every CD has this. So the “pieces” count would only include the CD.

  • If you are processing something which does not conform to these procedures, please see your supervisor.
  • *CDs in scripts that run from right to left (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.), should be turned upside-down. The barcode is placed in the upper left-hand corner of the plastic jewel case after the CD has been turned upside-down. The barcode should be along the edge without the hinge.