Series Verification Procedure: LC copy
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Series verification procedure

Verify series when saving the bib record to the database. The system will search the authority file in the validation process.

  1. Click on the sailboat, if series are present the Authority Validation box will appear

  2. Look down the "Tag" column for series tags (440, 800, 810, 811, 830)

    • If the validation column next to a series tags says Heading Validated, highlight the line and click on "Retrieve auth".

      • Look for a 667 field marked "PRINCETON PRACTICE". If there is such a note, follow the treatment it describes.

      • If there isn't a 667 "PRINCETON PRACTICE" field, follow the heading and treatment on the authority record EXCEPT if the series is a CAS.

        NOTE: CAS records should NOT be followed unless there is a 667 field marked "PRINCETON PRACTICE". If the note is present, follow the treatment described. If the note is not present, refer the book to a member of the Authorities Committee.

    • If the validation column says Nonexistent Heading, accept the series as it appears on member copy.

Under no circumstances create a local series authority record without consulting the Authorities Coordinator.