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14.  Jules Jouy.
La chanson des joujoux.
Music by Claudius Blanc and Leopold Dauphin.
Adrien Marie, illustrator.
Paris: Henri Heugel and Librairies-imprimeries réunies, [1892].

This delightful book of songs about children's toys includes one about the pleasure of filling the dark with images of favorite characters from children's books. Here famous characters from Perrault's fairy tales dance within the magic circle projected by the lantern. They include Cinderella and her prince, Riquet with the tuft, the wicked fairy in Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots, Petit Poucet and the giant, as well the commedia del’arte characters Pierrot and Harlequin, who also appear in number 2.

Adrien Marie's exquisite plates were reproduced by Quantin, an important Parisian firm specializing in high-quality color printing.