Louis XIV Versailles
    1623–24 Louis XIII has a hunting lodge built near the village of Versailles, 10 miles southwest of Paris
    1631–34 The hunting lodge is replaced by a small stone and brick château; a garden with parterres is created
1638 Birth of the future Louis XIV at Saint-Germain-en-Laye    
1643 Death of Louis XIII; his son becomes King Louis XIV, with the Queen Mother Anne of Austria as regent and Cardinal Jules Mazarin as prime minister    
1660 Marriage of Louis XIV to Maria Theresa of Austria    
1661 Death of Mazarin; beginning of the personal reign of Louis XIV Jean-Baptiste Colbert is appointed as intendent of finances 1661 Beginning of work to embellish the château and its surroundings
1664 Colbert becomes superintendent of buildings 1664 Construction of the Menagerie (zoo) and the first Orangery
First festival at Versailles: Pleasures of the Enchanted Isle
1666 Death of the Queen Mother 1666 Construction of the Grotto of Tethys (destroyed in 1684)
1667–68 War of Devolution against Spain; conquests in Flanders and Franche-Comté 1668 Second festival
    1668–74 Building of the Enveloppe around three sides of the old château
    1669–70 Construction of the Porcelain Trianon
1672 Beginning of the Dutch War; crossing of the Rhine 1673 Completion of the Labyrinth (dismantled in 1774)
1674 Second conquest of Franche-Comté 1674 Third festival 
1678 End of the Dutch War 1679 The Château of Marly is built as a retreat for the King and selected guests
    1680 Completion of the Ambassadors’ Staircase (demolished in 1752)

Construction of the South Wing, the Stables, and the Kitchen Garden
    1682 Versailles is designated as seat of government and official residence of the Court
1683 Death of Queen Maria Theresa; secret marriage of Louis XIV to Madame de Maintenon

Death of Colbert
1684 The Hall of Mirrors is completed

Construction of the North Wing
1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, prompting the exodus of many French Protestants 1686 Completion of the new Orangery
    1687 The Porcelain Trianon is replaced by the Marble Trianon (today’s Grand Trianon)
1688–97 War of the League of Augsburg    
1700 Louis XIV’s grandson Philippe becomes King of Spain 1701 The King’s Bedchamber is moved to the center of the palace
1701–14 War of the Spanish Succession 1710 Completion of the new Royal Chapel 
1715 Death of Louis XIV; his great-grandson becomes King Louis XV, with Philippe, Duke of Orléans, as regent 1715 The Court leaves Versailles for Paris (to return in 1722)