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ARLIS exhibition catalog best practices

Choice of name for artists

AACR2 originally required different treatment for artists:

Determine the name by which a person is commonly known from the chief source of information (see 1.0A) of works by that person issued in his or her language. If the person works in a nonverbal context (e.g., a painter, a sculptor) or is not known primarily as an author, determine the name by which he or she is commonly known from reference sources issued in his or her language or country of residence or activity.

But the RI does away with that difference: as used in this chapter, includes books and articles written about a person


Persons Treated in the Same Manner as Authors
In determining the name by which a person is commonly known, the rule distinguishes between "authors" and others.  For purposes of simplification, generally use the approach applied to authors also to
1) persons who work in a context other than that of writing text, e.g., a painter, a sculptor, a performer whose name appears in a formal statement found in the item (e.g., statement of responsibility)
2) composers, regardless of whether their names appear in a statement of responsibility or not.