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Size symbols
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Size symbols
Items under 16.1 cm. and over 29.1 cm. need a size symbol in the call number. Items over 29.1 cm also need a "|c Oversize" immediately preceding the |h in the MFHD 852 field. (Jump to examples of the 852 field)

Add a size symbol to the last element of the call number (excluding the volume designator, if any) in accordance with the following table:

Symbol Dimension Centimeters Size in Collation
q height or width 29.1 to 39 30 to 39 cm.
f height or width 39.1 to 49 40 to 49 cm.
e height or width 49.1 and over 50 cm. or more
s height less than 16.1 16 cm. or less
s width less than 10.1 10 cm. or less
See also: Miniature books


  • Fractions of a centimeter are counted as a full centimeter when recording the size in the collation.
  • Size "s" books designated for F, SA or a graduate study room: Change LOC to rcppa (for F material) or rcppj (for SA and UES material).
  • If a call number contains a workletter which is identical to one of the size symbols above, convert the workletter to upper case.

    Examples of MFHD 852 fields:

    852 _0 ‡b f c Oversize‡h JV6003 i .L2q
    852 _0 ‡b sz c Oversize h GC291.M3 i D76 1980e
    852 _0 ‡b anxa c Oversize h 4532.6.371f vol.2
    852 _0 ‡b f t 2 c Oversize h HC79.T4 i S63q Suppl.
    852 _0 ‡b wa c Oversize h KFN1811.3 i .J53 1977e
    852 _0‡b arab ‡h BP83.4 ‡i .L543 2004s