Microforms: Guides Issued as Accompanying Material
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Microforms and photocopies
Accomp. material vs. separate publ.

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Accompanying material or separate publication?

Accompaying material

Separate publication

Microform Guides Issued as Accompanying Material
A.Note the presence of the guide in the cataloging description for the microform either by adding it to the general description
    20 microfilm reels ; c35 mm. + e1 guide (12 p. ; 21 cm.)

and/or describing it in a general (500) note

    500 -- Accompanied by: A guide to the microfilm edition of the Papers of 0tto von Bismark / compiled by Hans Dorfmann ; Robert ; J. Lester, editor.

B.Supply an added entry for the title of the guide (if distinct from the microform it accompanies) and or its editor, compiler, etc., as appropriate under AACR2.
C. Class the guide separately , putting classification numbers for both the microform and the guide in their respective 852 fields, and provide the following 866 |z note in the MFHD for the guide:
    Guide to accompany microform.