Microforms: Multiple Versions
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Multiple versions

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Multiple Versions

Multiple versions refers to the situation resulting when the original work is cataloged on the same record as a photoreproduction representing it, or when photoreproductions of differing characteristics (format, generation, polarity) are cataloged together on the same record, or both.

There are too many potential combinations to set forth prescriptive guidelines for all but the more likely of them.

Catalogers will often need to develop a situation specific approach to a given case at hand.

  • It is permissible, and sometimes necessary, to catalog different versions on separate records. An effort should first be made, however, to accommodate multiple versions on the same record.

The general prescriptions should be adhered to when cataloging multiple versions of an item on the same record and at the same time. When a master preservation microform is involved, it invariably takes precedence over all other versions in every situation.