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BIBCO at Princeton
As of June 15, 1998, we can begin coding selected bibliographic records from new cataloging as BIBCO records. This includes both original and member copy.

We will continue to perform full-level cataloging as before. The only requirement that differs from our current full-level cataloging standard is that the record MUST contain a 050 field (or at least the subfield "a" portion of an LC call number).

Subject headings must be in accord with LCSH with respect to form of heading and order of subdivisions. Headings such as family names, buildings, etc. that are not established MUST be submitted to SACO.

When upgrading member copy, check for the presence of a subfield b in the 040 field and delete it when present.

Because of the requirement that all access points be under national-level authority control, i.e. have a corresponding full-level NAF record, we will not code records in the following categories:

  • Records with any headings covered by provisional authority records
  • Records with uniform titles or name/title entries unless the heading is in the NAF see specific guidelines on when to PCC a record with name/title entries
  • Records with series unless the following conditions are met:**

    **We may code a record with a series as a BIBCO record if our series heading, treatment and designator match an existing NAF record. We need to be particularly careful with the designator. The series must be traced with the designator given in the 642 field of the NAF record. Any designator given in the 4xx field must appear on the item. 490/8xx should be used whenever there is a difference between the designator on the item and on the NAF record. Designators appearing in their fully-spelled-out form should be abbreviated according to AACR2 B.9; designators appearing on the item in abbreviated form should be transcribed.

How to code a BIBCO record

When cataloging in Voyager, the 008 fixed field "Cataloging Source" code should be "c" rather than "d". Also input an 042 field with indicators blank, and the lower case code "pcc" as in the following example:

042 pcc
043 u-at-wa
050 4 SB398.A8
245 00 Wine grapes at Manjimup, 1977 to 1986 /cproceedings editor: John F. Elliott ; editor: David A.W. Johnston.