BIBCO: When to PCC a record with name/titles entries
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When to PCC records with name/title entries
Princeton catalogers may code records with name/title entries as PCC if the record meets all other BIBCO requirements, and:
  • the name/title is already established in the NAF
  • the name/title is being NACOed
  • no authority record is required for the name/title

To be considered fully-covered by authority work, LC requires a name/title authority record be made only in the following cases:

    • a reference must be traced on the authority record
    • special research done to establish the heading must be recorded
    • the heading is needed for a related work added entry (continuation, supplement, index, concordance, etc.--see 21.28A1) or a subject heading, and no bibliographic record for the work itself exists in the LC database
    • special information needs to be recorded (e.g., citation title for a law)
    NOTE: ALL music titles and name/titles require an authority record.

    If in doubt, do NOT code a record PCC if no authority record is present for a name/title entry.

Name/Title authority records
Examples of name/title authority records