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Call Numbers

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Writing Call Numbers in Books

All catalogers should observe the following stylistic conventions in writing call numbers. It is important for catalogers to make call numbers in volumes unambiguous so that typed labels will be accurate.
In general, everyone should strive to make call numbers as clear and easy to read as possible.

  • 0 and O
  • Put a loop in the top of the capital letter O
  • 2 and Z
  • Make the 2 sinuous at the top;
    use a small cross bar in the capital Z
  • 4 and 9
  • Make the 4 blocky;
    close the top loop of 9
  • 5 and S
  • Make the S sinuous and the 5 more blocky at the top
  • C and G
  • Include the serif in capital G
  • 1 and I
  • Include the serifs in the capital I
  • q and g
  • Loop the tail of the q outward
  • U and V
  • Curve the bottom of the capital U and complete the right downstroke; make the V angular.