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Topical subjects in art and in literature

LC has made some significant, but slightly confusing, changes to the way subject headings are constructed to bring out the treatment of a given topic in literature and in art. Previously the free-floating phrase in art and in literature could be attached to any valid heading to form a topical subject heading (i.e., 650); that is no longer the case.

There are now two separate classes of such headings, each with its own idiosyncrasies:

Topical subjects in art/in literature (650)

Every separate heading "[topic] in art" or "[topic] in literature" must have a subject authority record since the phrase art/ literature is no longer free-floating. If you need a heading for ... in art or ... in literature which is not established, consider SACOing the heading--this is the simplest type of SACO assuming that the topic is already established.

Non-topical subjects in art/in literature (600, 610, 630, 651)

Geographic, corporate, and personal names as well as uniform titles take the subdivision --In art and --In literature.

Examples: Old: 650 0 London (England) in art.
New: 651 0 London (England)‡x In art.

Old: 650 0 Princeton University in literature.
New: 610 20 Princeton University‡x In literature.
The practice of assigning headings for Individual Persons as subjects of art remains the same:

  • For persons living before 1400 A.D. use the subdivision --Art
  • For persons living after 1400 A.D. use the subdivision --Portraits

    600 10 Quayle, Dan, 1947-‡kin fiction, drama, poetry, etc.
    600 10 Quayle, Dan,1947-‡xIn literature.

    650 0 Oxford University in literature.
    610 20 Oxford University‡x In literature.

    650 0 Bible in literature.

    630 00 Bible‡xIn literature.

    650 0 Moscow (Idaho) in literature.
    651 0 Moscow (Idaho)‡xIn literature.