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Term Abbreviation

aastakäik aastak
Abdruck Abdr.
abgedruckt abgedr.
Abteilung, Abtheilung Abt.
accompaniment acc.
afdeling afd.
aflevering afl.
altitude alt.Note
alto A Note
and & Note
and others et al.
Anno Domini A.D.
Term Abbreviation

approximately approx.
årgang årg.
argraffiad arg.
arranged arr.
arranger arr.
átdolgozott átdolg.
Auflage Aufl.
augmenté, -e augm.
augmented augm.
aumentada aum.
aumentato aum.
Ausgabe Ausg.
avdeling avd.

Term Abbreviation

Band Bd.
band bd.
Bändchen Bdchn.
Bände Bde.
Baritone Bar Note
bass B Note
Before Christ B.C.
bilangan bil.
binary coded decimal BCD
bind bd.
black and white b&w
Term Abbreviation

bogtrykkeri bogtr.
boktrykkeri boktr.
book bk.
born b.
broj br.
Brother,-s Bro., Bros.Note
Buchdrucker, -ei Buchdr.
Buchhandlung Buchh.
bulletin bull.
bytes per inch bpi

Term Abbreviation

capitolo cap.
centimetre, -s cm.
century cent. Note
cetakan cet.
chapter ch.
circa ca.
colored, coloured col.
Compagnia Cia.
Compagnie Cie
Compañía Cía.
Term Abbreviation

Company Co.
compare cf.
compiler comp.Note
confer cf.
copyright c
Corporation Corp.
corrected corr.
corregido corr.
corretto, -a corr.
corrigé, -e corr.

Term Abbreviation

declination decl. Note
deel d.
del (Danish, Norwegian,Swedish) d.
départment dép.
Department Dept. Note
diameter diam.
Term Abbreviation

died d.
diena d.
djilid djil.
document doc.
dopunjeno dop.
drukarnia druk.

Term Abbreviation

edición ed.
edition, -s ed., eds.
édition éd.
editor ed. Note
edizione ed.
enlarged enl.
equinox eq. Note
Term Abbreviation

ergänzt erg.
erweitert erw.
establicimiento tipográfico estab.tip.
et alii et al.
et cetera etc.
évfolyam évf.

Term Abbreviation

facsimile, -s facsim, facsims.
fascicle fasc.
fascicule fasc.
flourished fl.
folio fol.
Term Abbreviation

following ff.
foot, feet ft.
frame, -s fr.
frames per second fps
fratelli f.lli Note

Term Abbreviation

Gebrüder Gebr. Note
gedruckt gedr.
genealogical geneal.
Term Abbreviation

godina g.
government govt.
Government Printing Office G.P.O.

Term Abbreviation

Handschrift, -en Hs,. Hss.
Her (His) Majesty's Stationery Office H.M.S.O.
Term Abbreviation

Hermanos Hnos. Note
hour, -s hr.

Term Abbreviation

id est i.e.
Idus Id.
illustration, -s ill.
illustrator ill. Note
imienia im.
imprenta impr.
imprimerie impr.
Term Abbreviation

inch, -es in.
inches per second ips
including incl.
Incorporated Inc. Note
introduction introd.
izdája izd.
izmenjeno izm.

Term Abbreviation

jaargang jaarg.
Jahrgang Jahrg.
Term Abbreviation

javított jav.
jilid jil.

Term Abbreviation

Kalandae Kal.
kiadás kiad.
kilometre, -s km.
kniha kn.
Term Abbreviation

knjiga knj.
kötet köt.

Term Abbreviation

leto l.
librairie libr.
Lieferung Lfg.
Term Abbreviation

Limited Ltd. Note
livraison livr.

Term Abbreviation

maatschappij mij.
manuscript, -s ms., mss.
metai m.
metre, -s m.
mezzo-soprano Mz Note
Term Abbreviation

millimetre, -s mm.
minute, -s min.
miscellaneous misc.
monophonic mono.

Term Abbreviation

Nachfolger Nachf. Note
naukowy nauk.
neue Folge n.F.
new series new ser.
New Testament N.T.
no name
(of publisher)
no place
(of publication)
nombor no.
nomor no.
Term Abbreviation

Nonae Non.
nouveau, nouvelle nouv.
number, -s no.
numbered numb.
numer nr.
numero (Finnish) n:o
numéro (French) no
numero (Italian) n.
número (Spanish) no.
Nummer Nr.
nuovamente nuov.

Term Abbreviation

odbitka odb.
Old Testament O.T.
omarbeidet omarb.
oplag opl.
Term Abbreviation

opplag oppl.
opracowane oprac.
opus op.
otisk ot.

Term Abbreviation

page, -s p.
paperback pbk.
part, -s pt., pts. Note
parte pt.
partie, -s ptie, pties
photograph, -s photo., photos Note
plate number, -s pl. no.
poprawione popr.
portrait, -s port., ports.
posthumous posth.
Term Abbreviation

predelan pred.
preface pref.
preliminary prelim.
printing print. Note
privately printed priv. print.
projection proj. Note
przerobione przerob.
pseudonym pseud.
publishing pub.

Term Abbreviation

quadraphonic quad.

Term Abbreviation

redakcja red.
refondu, -e ref.
réimpression réimpr.
report rept.
reprinted repr.
reproduced reprod.
revisé, -e rev.
revised rev.
Term Abbreviation

revolutions per minute rpm
revu, -e rev.
right ascension RA Note
riveduto riv.
rocznik rocz.
rok r.
rozszerzone rozsz.

Term Abbreviation

second, -s sec.
série ser.
series ser.
signature sig.
silent si.
sine loco s.l.
sine nomine s.n.
soprano S Note
sound sd. Note
Term Abbreviation

stabilimento tipográfico stab. tip.
stereophonic stereo.
stronica str.
superintendent supt.
Superintendent of Documents Supt. of Docs.
supplement suppl.
svazek sv.
szám sz.

Term Abbreviation

tahun th.
talleres gráficos tall. graf.
Teil, Theil T.
tenor T Note
tipografia, tipográfica tip.
tiskárna tisk.
title page t.p.
Term Abbreviation

tjetakan tjet.
tome t.
tomo t.
towarzystwo tow.
translator tr. Note
typographical typog.
typographie, typographique typ.

Term Abbreviation

udarbejdet udarb.
udgave udg.
udgivet udg.
uitgaaf uitg.
uitgegeven uitg.
uitgevers uitg.
umgearbeitet umgearb.
Term Abbreviation

unaccompanied unacc.
Universitäts-Buchdrucker, -ei Univ.-Buchdr.
upplaga uppl.
utarbeidet utarb.
utgave utg.
utgiven utg.

Term Abbreviation

verbesserte verb.
vermehrte verm.
volume, -s v. Note
Term Abbreviation

volume, -s vol., vols Note
vuosikerta vuosik.
vydání vyd.

Term Abbreviation

wydanie wyd.
wydawnictwo wydawn.
Term Abbreviation




Term Abbreviation

zeszyt zesz.
Term Abbreviation

zväzok zv.
zvezek zv.