Shelf Prep Documentation list

Approval Processing- Casalini, YBP

Approval Processing- Amalivre

Approval Processing - Casalini Shelf Ready

Approval Processing - Coutts Shelf Ready

Approval Processing- In-process records

Binding : Princeton binding policy   Do not bind guidelines  Creating Bindery Patron Records in Voyager

Date Due Slips List

Gest Serial Preparation

Locations with no Date Due slips

Lost barcodes

Picture covers :  Flowchart  Picture Cover Scanning for Call Number Labels

Prebindery Sorting

Quality control for finished material

Recap : Charging ReCap material  Rcppa discharging  Rcppj pick and scan

Rush/Reserve and DVD/Video Processing

Wert : Invoices   Periodical processing   Periodical checkin   Picture cover checkin








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