Series: Adjusting Copy
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Adjusting Copy
Once an authority record for the series is found in our catalog, copy should be adjusted based on a comparison of the book in hand and the information found in the local authority record. The following chart summarizes the possibilities:
Series Tagging
Tag Indicator Notes
440 _* (0-9 for non-filing character) Series traced; series statement title identical in form to authorized heading.
490 0_ Series not traced; series statement title may or may not be identical to authorized heading.
In particular, the authorized heading may have a qualifier in parentheses after the title which is not used in the catalog record.
490 1_ Series traced; series statement title varies from authorized heading.
In such cases, there will always be a reciprocal 8xx (series added entry), corresponding to the authorized heading.
830 _0 Series title added entry

0_ (forename)
1_ (surname)

Series name-title added entry (also known as personal author series)
810 1_ (geographic)
2_ (non-geographic)
Series added entry under corporate body main entry.
811 2_ Series added entry under conference main entry.