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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
EBE 2099 12th Saints lives
EBE 2101 11th, 12th Saints lives, Menologion
EBE 2106 11th, 14th Menologion, Gospel lectionary, Palimpsest
EBE 2106 11th, 14th Menologion, Gospel lectionary, Palimpsest
EBE 211 10th Theology John Chrysostom
EBE 2111 14th Theology Theophylact of Ochrid
EBE 2111 Bible
EBE 2112 9th, 11th, 13th, 14th Gospel lectionary, Palimpsest
EBE 2114 Gospel lectionary
EBE 2114 15th Gospel lectionary
EBE 2115 14th Gospel lectionary
EBE 2116 14th Gospel lectionary
EBE 212 10th Theology John Chrysostom
EBE 2124 18th Rhetoric Lucian
EBE 2126 18th Philosophy Nicephorus Blemmydes
EBE 213 10th Theology Gregory Nazianzus
EBE 2137 16th Canon law Manuel Malaxos, Symeon Archbishop of Thessaloniki
EBE 2144 18th Liturgy, Theology, Poems, Stephanites and Ichnelates Gregory Nazianzus, Theodore Prodromos, Symeon Seth
EBE 2149 18th Theology Gregory Nazianzus
EBE 2150 18th Hymns Gregory Nazianzus, John of Damascus
EBE 2155 10th, 14th Sticherarion, Canon law, Palimpsest Photius
EBE 2163 18th Christus patiens Lucian
EBE 2166 11th Gospel lectionary
EBE 2168 12th Gospel lectionary
EBE 2170 19th Liturgy
EBE 2179 19th
EBE 218 10th Theology John Chrysostom
EBE 2180
EBE 2181
EBE 2183 16th Psalter
EBE 2189 13th Gospel lectionary
EBE 2194 16th Menaion
EBE 2198 15th Poems, Christus patiens Gregory Nazianzus
EBE 2203 16th Bible, Old Testament
EBE 2207 19th Grammar
EBE 2212
EBE 2213 17th Liturgy
EBE 2215 18th Liturgy
EBE 2216 18th Liturgy
EBE 2217 18th Liturgy
EBE 2218 18th Liturgy
EBE 2219 18th Liturgy
EBE 2220 18th Liturgy
EBE 2221 18th Liturgy
EBE 2222 18th Liturgy
EBE 2223 18th Sticherarion
EBE 2224 17th Liturgy
EBE 2225 19th Liturgy
EBE 2226 18th Liturgy
EBE 2228 18th, 19th