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Early American Newspapers

Adds to Existing Titles -- New Titles

The Early American newspapers project is a major effort by the Readex Microprint Corporation to produce microfilm copies of many early American newspapers. The project was started by the American Antiquarian Society and the newspapers were originally reproduced on microprint. Local analytics were produced for each title in the set. With the decline in use of microprint as a storage medium, Readex took over the project and started producing microfilms of newspapers, many duplicating the microprint holdings.

New microfilm reels in the series are received by the Order Division and are forwarded directly to Microfom Services.

The set has been assigned a microfilm call number:


New reels received are assigned sequential reel numbers by Microforms Services.

New reels received either add to existing titles or are new titles.

Adds to Existing Titles

Reel number is assigned by Microforms Services. New holdings are added to existing bib record.

New reel number:

The first time that a new reel is added to an existing title, the new reel number is added to that of the existing call number:

MICROFILM S00973 reels 318, 617

In addition to adding the specific holdings on the holdings record, the specific holdings on each reel or reels are indicated in an additional 866 z note:

866 _0 a Jan. 3, 1821-Dec. 31, 1835
866 _0 z On reel 318: Jan. 3, 1821-Dec. 30, 1830; on reels 617: Jan. 6, 1831-Dec. 31, 1835

If subsequent reels are received, the call number is changed as below:

MICROFILM S00973 reel [no.], etc.

In this example, the reel number is the reel number of the originally cataloged title. Subsequent reel numbers are then indicated only on the holdings record in an 866 z note as in the example above.
The reason for doing this is the limitation in the length of the call number field.

New Titles

Microforms Services searches for suitable cataloging copy on RLIN, locating connecting titles (Continues, Continued by) as necessary. Matching microfilm copy is preferred.

The following changes are made to the cataloging copy if necessary:

Fixed Fields

008 -- Form of Item: a

007 (Microform) --

    Specific Material Designation: d
    Original vs. Reproduction
    Dimensions: f
    Reduction Ratio Range:b
    Reduction Ratio: ---
    Color: b
    Emulsion on film: a
    Generation: c
    Base of film: a

Variable Fields

245 -- Add: h[microform]. at the end of the field.

510 -- These fields should be deleted.

533 -- Add or correct note to:

Microfilm.bNew Canaan, CT :cReadex.,e microfilm reels ; 35 mm.f(Early American newspapers 7d18181828ctuuua [1]

6xx -- These fields should be deleted.

700-752 -- these fields should be deleted.

w -- These sometimes occur at the end of retained 7xx fields (such as 77x, 78x) and should be deleted from those fields.

830 _0 -- Early American newspapers. is added to the record if not present.

850 -- This field should be deleted.

[1] The dates following the "d" in this field are based on the beginning and ending dates of the microfilm holdings of the newspaper.

Example of cataloged title: Voyager bib id 825202