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Serial Reprints

Field Name Comments
008/6 Publication Status Code for the original
008/7-14 Date 1/Date 2 Code for the original
008/15-17 Place of Publication Code for the reprint publisher
008/18-19 Frequency/Regularity Code for the reprint (usually u/u)
008/21 Type of Serial Code for the original
008/23 Form of Item Code as r
1xx Main entry heading Give as applicable
245 Title Base on the original title page
250 Edition Base on the original title page
260 Publisher, distributor, etc. Base on the reprint title page
300 Physical description Base on the reprint
362 Designation Base on the original title page
4xx/8xx Series Give only if reprint is issued in series
580 Linking complexities note Reprint note: Give details of original (frequency, place and name of publisher, etc.) as appropriate
775 Other edition available Give the entry for the original publication (optional)
780/785 Preceding/succeeding entry If title has changed, create separate records and link, even when reprinted is in the same volume ( e.g. Donna Sarda)

Adapted from: Conser Editing Guide, 1994. App. L, pg. 5