Print with Non-Print Accompanying Material
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Accompanying material

General policy

CD-ROMs, sound discs, computer disks

Audio & video cassettes



Serials with accomp. materials

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Print items with accompanying materials in another format
Following Library Council's decision of April 1987, items with accompanying materials in another format will be kept together in Firestone stacks or a designated location. Not every situation can be covered by these procedures. For situations where keeping the items together would not be practical, consult the Team Leader.

The following instructions apply to Print materials accompanied by material in another format, where the print material predominates. If it is decided that the print material is not the predominant component, consult with the Team Leader for cataloging decision. Catalogers should follow Rule 1.5E (and related rules).

Special Locations

  • For items designated for Firestone stacks, there is an option to locate in the ReCAP (rcppa) any particularly large, costly or "hard to obtain" items. This decision can be made by the cataloger or team leader. In special cases catalogers should consult with selectors.