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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal 8409 11th Bible
BN Coislin 1 7th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 10 10th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 100 15th Theology Gregory Palamas
BN Coislin 105 10th, 11th Saints lives, Theology Gregory Nazianzus, John Chrysostom, Gregory of Nyssa, Andrew of Crete, Ephraem
BN Coislin 108 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th Theology, Saints lives
BN Coislin 109 11th Theology Nilus, Evagrius, Athanasius, Maximus the Confessor
BN Coislin 11 14th Theology Euthymius Zigabenus
BN Coislin 110 11th Theology, Saints lives Theodoret Bishop of Cyrrhus, Andrew of Crete
BN Coislin 116 15th Theology Anastasius Sinaita, Epiphanius
BN Coislin 117 14th Theology Nicon Monachus
BN Coislin 119 12th Theology Nicon Monachus
BN Coislin 12 11th, 13th, 14th Theology
BN Coislin 120 10th Theology, Philosophy
BN Coislin 121 14th Theology, Saints lives
BN Coislin 124 12th Theology, Saints lives Basil the Great, Athanasius
BN Coislin 124 12th Theology
BN Coislin 130 16th Islam Manuel II Palaeologus
BN Coislin 132 16th Architecture Procopius
BN Coislin 135 13th, 14th History Zonaras, Cedrenus
BN Coislin 136 12th History Cedrenus, Michael Attaleiates
BN Coislin 14 16th Theology Nicephorus Blemmydes
BN Coislin 146 14th Theology, Saints lives
BN Coislin 147 14th, 15th Saints lives, Theology John Chrysostom
BN Coislin 149 16th History Diodorus Siculus
BN Coislin 155 15th Philosophy Plato
BN Coislin 161 14th, 15th Philosophy Aristotle, Syrianus
BN Coislin 166 14th Philosophy Aristotle, John Philoponus, Alexander Aphrodisias, Olympiodorus
BN Coislin 169 14th, 15th Philosophy Porphyry, Plotinus, Aristotle, Simplicius, John Philoponus, Euripides, Hesiod, Manuel Moschopoulos, Theocritus
BN Coislin 170 14th Philosophy Leo Magentinus, Aristotle, Porphyry
BN Coislin 171 16th Astronomy Ptolemy
BN Coislin 175 16th Grammar Theodore of Gaza, Gregory Pardus
BN Coislin 18 11th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 186 7th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 187 10th Theology Athanasius
BN Coislin 19 11th Bible
BN Coislin 190 14th Bible, Old Testament, Theology Nicetas Heracleensis
BN Coislin 191 12th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 192 14th, 15th Florilegium
BN Coislin 194 13th Theology Polychronius Diaconus
BN Coislin 195 10th, 12th, 13th Bible, Theology
BN Coislin 197 12th Bible
BN Coislin 199 11th Liturgy, Bible
BN Coislin 2 10th, 11th, 14th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 20 10th Bible, Illuminations
BN Coislin 200 13th, 14th Bible
BN Coislin 202 6th Bible
BN Coislin 203 13th, 14th Bible, Theology Theophylact of Ochrid
BN Coislin 205 11th Bible
BN Coislin 206 11th Bible