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Materials in Annex libraries
Beginning from the Fall semester 1983, materials from both Firestone and branch library locations have been stored in one of two Annex Library storage facilities. These are the Forrestal Annex ("Annex A") and the Fine Hall Annex ("Annex B").

Special practice: the holdings code for these locations is anxa / anxb, but when writing the call number in the book use the written-out forms Annex A / Annex B

Annex A
Annex B
Fine Hall
  • Location L Books
  • Most Richardson and LC Call Numbers from Firestone
  • Books from locations within Firestone (such as DR, SXF, IR, etc.)
  • Books from Gest, SA, SY, UES
  • 8000's-9000's Richardson Numbers from Firestone
  • Q-V LC Numbers from Firestone
  • Most of the locations outside Firestone (such as ST, SM, SPIA, etc.)
    • As a general rule, the Forrestal Annex stores materials from Firestone stack locations and from the Plasma Physics Laboratory.

      The Fine Hall Annex stores materials from the branch library locations, as well as any Firestone stack materials with either Richardson call numbers 8000 through 9999, or with L.C. call number classes Q through V.

    Locked Books
      "L" (Locked) location books are shelved only at Annex A (Forrestal Annex).
    Size "s" Materials
      Size "s" materials are shelved at either Annex facility depending upon their classification. Classes 8000 through 9999 and Q through V are located in Fine Hall Annex.

    In addition, certain collections of pamphlets, theses, and uncataloged materials are shelved in various annexes.
    Forrestal Annex
    • IR uncataloged collection P94-P9999 Princetoniana
    • SDT, SET, SHT, SPT, SRT, and T collections
    • U.S. Supreme Court pamphlets
    • WET pamphlets
    Other collections in the Forrestal Annex include:
    • Crispi Collection
    • Foreign Policy Association pamphlets
    • German War Poetry
    • Little Magazine Collection
    • Nichtamtliche
    • Publications on the French Budget
    • Rodman Wanamaker Collection
    • Soldatenlieber
    Fine Hall Annex
    • Magie collection
    • Princeton University Peace and Social Change Collection
      (indicated by the 590 note: Princeton University Peace and Social Change Collection.