Hints for Searching the Princeton Artist File
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Hints for Searching the Princeton Artist File
  • Always look at the Note. The notes contain information necessary for proper assignment of the number and/or interpretation of the heading.

  • Diacritics are included, where the program could handle them. The Note will always indicate when diacritics are missing.
    Some diacritics were deleted because they affected searching. For example, Ch'ang was input as Chang so it wouldn't file before all the Ch's.
    Apostrophes were left in names, so they must be included in the search.
      Search O'Hara as O'Hara, not OHara.

  • Truncation is implicit, so a search for Picas will find Picasso.

  • If you don't find a heading, try checking Voyager and reformulating your search, if necessary.

  • A quick search in the LC catalog (http://catalog.loc.gov/) for the artist as a subject could result in a number already established by LC.

  • Headings alphabetize differently in this system. Porter family will file before Porter, Anne, and Porter, Anne Marie will file before Porter, Anne.

  • Be careful with family names. Be sure your artist
      a) belongs to the family
      b) doesn't have his or her own number