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Artist base numbers by country

Note: countries marked with an asterisk have at least one number which varies from the old artist file number.

Fine Arts (General) Architecture Sculpture Painting
United States N6537 NA737 NB237 ND237
Canada N6549 NA749 NB249 ND249
Mexico N6559 NA759 NB259 ND259
Belize N6572 NA772 NB272 ND272
Costa Rica N6575 NA775 NB275 ND275
Guatemala N6578 NA778 NB278 ND278
Honduras N6581 NA781 NB281 ND281
Nicaragua N6584 NA784 NB284 ND284
Panama N6587 NA787 NB287 ND287
El Salvador N6590 NA790 NB290 ND290
Bahamas N6602 NA802 NB302 ND302
Cuba N6605 NA805 NB305 ND305
Haiti N6608 NA808 NB308 ND308
Jamaica N6611 NA811 NB311 ND311
Puerto Rico N6614 NA814 NB314 ND314
Argentina N6639 NA839 NB339 ND339
Bolivia N6649 NA849 NB349 ND349
Brazil N6659 NA859 NB359 ND359
Chile N6669 NA869 NB369 ND369
Colombia N6679 NA879 NB379 ND379
Ecuador N6689 NA889 NB389 ND389
Guiana (all 3) N6699 NA899 NB399 ND399
Paraguay N6709 NA909 NB409 ND409
Peru N6719 NA919 NB419 ND419
Uruguay N6729 NA929 NB429 ND429
Venezuela N6739 NA939 NB439 ND439
Great Britain N6797 NA997 NB497 ND497
Austria* N6811.5 NA1011.5 NB511.5 ND511.5
Hungary* N6822.5 NA1022.5 NB522.5 ND522.5
Czech Republic* N6834.5 NA1034.5 NB534.5 ND534.5
France N6853 NA1053 NB553 ND553
Germany N6888 NA1088 NB588 ND588
Greece N6903 NA1103 NB603 ND603
Italy N6923 NA1123 NB623 ND623
Netherlands N6953 NA1153 NB653 ND653
Belgium N6973 NA1173 NB673 ND673
Luxembourg N6974.3 NA1174.3 NB674.3 ND674.3
Russia* N6999 NA1199 NB699 ND699
Denmark N7023 NA1223 NB723 ND723
Iceland N7053 NA1253 NB753 ND753
Norway N7073 NA1273 NB773 ND773
Sweden N7093 NA1293 NB793 ND793
Spain N7113 NA1313 NB813 ND813
Portugal N7133 NA1333 NB833 ND833
Switzerland N7153 NA1353 NB853 ND853
Turkey* N7173 NA1373 NB873 ND873
Bulgaria* N7193 NA1393 NB893 ND893
Romania N7233 NA1433 NB933 ND933
Yugoslavia N7253 NA1453 NB953 ND953
Finland* N7255.F53 NA1455.F53 NB955.F53 ND955.F53
Montenegro N7255.M673 NA1455.M673 NB955.M673 ND955.M673
Poland* N7255.P63 NA1455.P63 NB955.P63 ND955.P63
Serbia N7255.S473 NA1455.S473 NB955.S473 ND955.S473
Iraq N7269 NA1469 NB969 ND969
Saudi Arabia N7272 NA1472 NB972 ND972
Lebanon* N7276.8 NA1476.8 NB976.8 ND976.8
Israel/Palestine N7279 NA1479 NB979 ND979
Iran N7289  NA1489  NB989  ND989 
Syria N7289.8 NA1489.8 NB989.8 ND989.8
Armenia N7292.63 NA1492.63 NB992.63 ND992.63
India N7310 NA1510 NB1010 ND1010
Indonesia* N7326.8 NA1526.8 NB1026.8 ND1026.8
China N7349 NA1549 NB1049 ND1049
Japan N7359 NA1559 NB1059 ND1059
South Korea N7369 NA1569 NB1069 ND1069
North Korea N7370.3 NA1570.3 NB1070.3 ND1070.3
Egypt N7385 NA1585 NB1085 ND1085
South Africa N7396 NA1596 NB1096 ND1096
Australia N7405 NA1605 NB1105 ND1105
New Zealand N7408 NA1608 NB1108 ND1108
Pacific Islands/Oceania N7413 NA1613 NB1113 ND1113