Duplicate Call Numbers
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Duplicate call numbers
A duplicate call number occurs when two or more different items have the same call number in the same location.

In such cases it is necessary to change the call number(s) on the affected title(s) to ensure that each has a unique call number.

The following cases are NOT duplicate call numbers:

1. Identical call numbers in different locations (regardless of whether the titles are identical or not).

  • (SA) ND623.C34B52 1980
  • (UES) ND623.C34B52 1980

2. Identical call numbers in the same location differentiated only by the presence of a small "x".
See: Use of the small x.

  • PS3509.L43F6
  • PS3509.L43xF6

3. Different items with the same call number differentiated by a variation in the "year" element of the call number. (Although not a duplicate call number, this situation should probably be corrected for the sake of clarity.)

  • HQ447.C3
  • HQ447.C3 1953

4. Different serial titles with the same call number in the same location provided that the difference in title is the result of title changes.

5. Different items having the same call number in the Annex. These are not considered to have duplicate call numbers. However, the usual level of care should be extended to new titles being cataloged for either Annex.