NACO: Persons Not Primarily Known as Authors
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Persons not primarily known as authors

Determine the form of name from reference sources in the person's language or country of residence or activity. Note that the reference source in this case can be the work being cataloged (if in the appropriate language). Generally use the fullest form found.


    100 10 Mazza, Maria Elisabetta,‡d1886-1950
    400 10 Mazza, M. Elisabetta‡q(Maria Elisabetta),‡d1886-1950
    400 10 Mazza, Bettina,‡d1886-1950
    670 A scuola da Bettina, 1986:‡bt.p. (M. Elisabetta Mazza) p. 15, etc. (Maria Elisabetta Mazza; family name, Bettina; b. Jan. 21, 1886; d. Aug. 29, 1950) cover (teacher; founder of Piccole apostole della scuola cristiana)

    100 10 Grover, La Fayette,‡d1823-1911
    400 10 Grover, L. F.‡q(La Fayette),‡d1823-1911
    670 Inaugural address of Gov. L.F. Grover, 1870.
    670 Concise DAB‡b(Grover, La Fayette; b. 1823, d. 1911; gov. of Ore., 1871-1877, U.S. congressman and senator)