NACO: Surname Alone on Chief Source
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Surname alone on chief source (RI22.1B)

When the chief source gives a single author's surname alone (without forename(s) and without the names of other authors), search briefly to see if there are other publications that are his/her works. Base the heading on the t.p. usage found most frequently. Use catalogs such as NUC, BN, BNB, RLIN, or OCLC, and in this case, cite both headings and usage found.


    100 10 Malval,‡ccapitaine
    670 Le secteur sud-ouest du front marocain, 1924:‡bt.p. (capitaine Malval)
    675 NUC pre-56.

    100 10 Huvelin,‡cabbé‡q(Henri),‡d1838-1910
    400 10 Huvelin, Henri,‡d1838-1910
    670 Quelques directeurs d'âmes ... 1923:‡bt.p. (l'abbé Huvelin)
    670 NUC pre-56‡b(hdg.: Huvelin, Henri, 1838-1910; usage: l'abbé Huvelin)
    670 Bib. nat.‡b(hdg.: Huvelin, abbé Henri; no use of forename on publs.)