Figures de bronze dorée d'un triton et d'une sirène

Translated Print Title: 
[Gilded Bronze Figures of a Triton and a Siren]

Situated on the edge of the North Parterre, the short-lived Siren Fountain continued the marine theme of the nearby Grotto. When the parterres surrounding the palace were redesigned in the 1680s, the fountain was destroyed and is known mainly through this engraving. It is shown here from the south; in the background can be seen the Pyramid Fountain, which still stands in the same spot.

Princeton University Art Museum. Acquired by Princeton in 1886 in an exchange with the Bibliothèque nationale (Paris). John S. Pierson, Class of 1840, effected the exchange, recorded by the BN as “Double échangé” no. 907.