Dissection du Lièvre

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[Dissection of a Hare]
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Le Vrai Cuisinier français: enseignant la manière de bien apprêter & assaisonner toutes sortes de viandes [Nouv. éd.]
Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier
Between 1690 and 1715

La Varenne’s Cuisinier français has been called the first modern cookbook. Originally published in 1651, it was promptly translated into English and constantly reprinted. Some editions, such as this one, added manuals for the confiturier (confectioner), sommelier (wine steward), and maître d’hôtel. The last section includes instructions for cutting all kinds of meat and fowl. At the French court, the role of écuyer tranchant (carver) was a traditional office assigned to one of the many nobles appointed as table servants to the king.

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