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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
Bib. U. Complutense BH MSS 22 16th Bible, Old Testament
Bib. U. Complutense BH MSS 23 13th, 14th Psalter
Bib. U. Complutense BH MSS 26 14th Menologion
Bib. U. Complutense BH MSS 27 16th Astronomy
Bib. U. Complutense BH MSS 28 15th, 16th Astronomy Ptolemy, Sextus Empiricus
Bib. U. Complutense BH MSS 29 16th Astronomy Ptolemy
Bib. U. Complutense BH MSS 30 10th, 11th Lexicon Cyril of Alexandria
BNE 12109 19th Proverbs
BNE 17644 19th Euripides
BNE 177 17th Lexicon
BNE 17921 18th Hymns, Liturgy Romanus Melodus, Theodore Lascaris, Manuel Philes
BNE 18252 18th
BNE 19193 17th Letters, Rhetoric Photius, Demetrius Chrysoloras
BNE 2492 17th Epigrammata
BNE 3771 18th Poems
BNE 4488 17th Epigrammata
BNE 4548 17th Saints lives Athanasius
BNE 4549 15th History, Philosophy Xenophon, Plethon
BNE 4550 12th, 13th, 14th Menaion
BNE 4551 15th Lycophron
BNE 4552 16th, 17th Theology Symeon the New Theologian, Philotheus Coccinus
BNE 4553 14th, 15th Philosophy Aristotle, Porphyry
BNE 4554 13th Theology Philagathus of Cerami, Theophylact of Ochrid
BNE 4555 15th Rhetoric Homer, Euripides, Libanius
BNE 4556 16th Church councils
BNE 4557 15th Letters Phalaris, Plato
BNE 4558 15th Animals Oppianus, John Tzetzes, Homer
BNE 4559 15th Lexicon
BNE 4560 15th Homer
BNE 4561 15th Thucydides
BNE 4562 15th Hymns Constantine Lascaris, Homer, Callimachus, Proclus
BNE 4563 15th Philosophy, Science Aristotle
BNE 4565 15th Homer
BNE 4566 15th Quintus Smyrnaeus, Constantine Lascaris
BNE 4567 16th Politics George Codinus, Leo VI the Wise
BNE 4568 15th History Herodotus
BNE 4569 15th Philosophy Plato
BNE 4570 13th Theology, Palimpsest Philagathus of Cerami
BNE 4571 15th Philosophy, Theology Aristotle, Simplicius, John of Damascus
BNE 4572 15th Philosophy Porphyry, Plotinus
BNE 4573 15th Philosophy Plato
BNE 4574 15th Philosophy Aristotle
BNE 4575 15th Grammar Manuel Moschopoulos, Herodian
BNE 4577 13th Poems, History
BNE 4578 16th Philosophy Aristotle
BNE 4579 13th, 14th, 15th Rhetoric Hermogenes, Maximus Planudes, Themistius
BNE 4580 12th, 14th Liturgy, Menaion
BNE 4581 11th Medicine Paul of Aegina
BNE 4582 12th, 13th, 16th Theology, Old Testament Nicetas Heracleensis
BNE 4583 14th Theology Gregory Nazianzus, Nicetas Heracleensis