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Authority Work in Collection-Level Cataloging

We currently do full authority work on collection-level records. However the PCC/BIBCO standard for collection-level records is (at this writing April, 1998) in the process of being formulated. We will follow that standard as it pertains to authority work, when it becomes available. Until then we will continue to follow current local policy, as described below.

In collection-level cataloging, you may need to establish a name as it appears on an item which will not be cataloged separately, when that name is needed as an added entry on the collection-level record.

In the 670 field of your authority record, cite the title and publication date of the individual title from which the name is taken. This title will normally be listed in the contents note on the collection-level bibliographic record. Do not use the bracketed title in the 245 field, which is constructed by the cataloger.

As usual, indicate the location of the data in the item, after the colon and ‡b, e.g., t.p. or p. 1 or pref.

If the item is a broadside, poster, etc., do not use a location. Instead indicate the nature of the item inside the parentheses, before the data cited, e.g.:

    [Title, imprint date]‡b(on broadside: [data])

(In such a case, delete the colon before ‡b)